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I Got Skillz.

Can I succeed in an online environment? The skills I need/have and my reflections on them:

Time Management

SJSU SLIS does not understate how important time-management is for being an online student. Well they are right. What I realized right away is that you need a system in place for balancing your work, school, and personal lives so that you don’t stress yourself out. Often times you have to play around with different things to see what works the best with your schedule. I work a full-time job  and thought I can just work on school after work.  Well sometimes I am tired or itching to go the gym. So I decide to every other day after work to work on school and every other day to take care of other things. What is important is that you commit yourself to finding the scheduling in the time for school.


Right away I noticed that organization is key! With countless files, usernames, passwords, webpages, assignments, deadlines etc. that you have keep track of, you have some sort of organizational system in place. The content in the Personal Skills module and the course as a whole has been excellent in providing tips for a more organized online learning space. Desktop folders and folders, brilliant. Will definitely do. Diigo, the online bookmark host, so useful! I’ve been trying different things and I am constantly organizing and re-organizing to make sure I am working the most efficiently as I can.

Familiarity with Technology/Ability to learn new technology

Being comfortable using a computer is an absolute must and I can handle that. I’m confident to say I can communicate effectively using email, discussion boards, and chat boards. The webpage on netiquette was a useful refresher on communicating with others online.

In general I am comfortable using a computer and learning new software and programs that enable me to learn and do more in a virtual/online learning environment.

Working with Teams

This past month at work, I was put on an Access Services Cross-Training Committee. This is first time I’ve ever done something collaboratively at my workplace so the information provided by Dr. Ken Haycock could not have come to me at a better time. Although Dr. Haycock specifically points out the differences between committees and teams (you are put on a committee, a committee advises not produces; a team chooses leader, a team is self-managing and has authority to produce something), I have found that learning about the stages of team development, common behaviors and dysfunctions of of bad teams to be quite useful when figuring out my place within the committee. I used to be the quite one but when I learned that being quiet diminishes a common spirit and is conducive to low productivity and motivation, I knew I had to speak up and develop in myself a sense of worth within the committee.


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