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On Becoming a Professional in Digital Curation

Going for my most professional look here

Going for my most professional look here.

I hope maybe some of you are in the same boat: you know, the one with folks that do not have exactly want they want to do after library school. You’d think that that was an undergrad problem but for me, it’s quite the reality. Thankfully library science literature is rife with assessments about current library job postings and descriptions.Totally serious, people love writing about library jobs and for that I am so thankful. Being in this digital curation class, i was curious what some digital curation job posting looked liked and low and behold I found this:
See, easy.
In the study, Jeonhyun Kim, Edward Maga, and William E Moem, take a look at 173 job advertisements relating to digital curation posted between October 2011 and April 2012. They analyzed position titles, institution types, background, experience, skills, and duties and were able to develop a set of set of competencies for job developers and job seekers in the field. Here they are (with my commentary):
1. Communication and interpersonal compentency: you have to know how to communicate to all creators and users involved in data’s lifecycle.
2. Curating and preserving content competency: basically know your DCC lifecycle model!
3. Curation technologies competency: knowing is one thing, doing is another- can you use the tools and technology involved in digital curation?
4. Environmental scanning competency: In the fast paced digital world are you keeping up with all the changes and staying current with cutting edge trends in digital curation?
5. Management, planning, and evaluation competency: digital curation involves teams of individuals working within an institution- do you have skills in planning, coordinating, implementing, and assessing projects? (I found this to be usually true but check out this blog on being an independent information professional http://hacklibschool.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/hacking-your-career-plans-independent-information-professionals/)
6. Services Competency: this is an important one- do you have the skills to extend and build digital curation services for your community?
7. Systems, models, and modeling cometency: this one is so over me I’m going to quote its description here: “required for high-level, abstract thinking and critical analysis of complex systems, workflows and conceptual models related to digital curation” (whoa.)
I think this a great guideline for developing your skills for a job in digital curation. Here are some other fun facts I found interesting about digital curation jobs:
– About 75% required having an MLIS
– the average preferred years of experience for a position is 2.7 years
– The most frequently listed knowledge, skill, or ability is working in an information technology intensive environment
– The state of Massachusetts listed the most amount of digital curation jobs

Can you see how these competencies line up with the curriculum for our program’s new digital curation career track. Check out the SLIS webpage on the digital curation track here:



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