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Digital Operating Workflow for a Digital Curation Project

Digital Isn’t Software, It’s a Mindset


 99 U is a blog that provides articles, books, videos, sponsors conferences and events that serves as a space that provides the “missing curriculum” to “make ideas happen”. It’s an inspiring resource that I subscribe to using Feedly. Awhile ago, I saved a video titled “Digital Isn’t Software, It’s a Mindset”. It’s a talk by Aaron Dignan, the founding partner of the digital strategy firm Undercurrent, a company that advises big brands on strategy for our digital world.


Sleepily, this morning, I finally realized its time I watched the video and I was really hooked on the message. Taking workflow examples, mission statements, and processes from Dignan calls, “Digital Operating System Companies”, he makes the case that to have a viable business or product today it has to be smart. It has to have the capabilities to learn along the way. There needs to be interconnectivity between the product, the device, the community, the platform. Dignan proposes an operating model of nested stages that look something like this:

  1. Purpose: Have a clear purpose of what you want to do. Put values before revenue; incorporate results orientation
  2. Process: Know how you want to do the work that enables meaningful impact on the people and product
  3. People: Are your people going to be makers or thinkers. What are they going to do in relation to the product
  4. Product: Have a minimum viable product. Make them have utility
  5. Platform: What platform will your product live on to grow and allowed to be shared with?

In my mind, I thought why not apply this frame of thinking about digital operating systems  to that of a digital curation project at a library?


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